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Determination of Macronutrient, Liquid, and Nutritional Supplement Consumption in Male Athletes
The present study was conducted to determination of macronutrient, liquid and nutritional supplements intake in athletes. Fourty man athletes living in Ankara and going on to various sport clubs participated in this study. A survey was given to subjects for including questions about sports life, nutrition habits and liquid consumption. Within the scope of the study, i; a questionnaire containing questions about sporting life, eating habits and liquid consumption, ii; 3-day food consumption record form, iii; 3-day physical activity record form were applied to athletes. Athletes were grouped as strength/power (P) athletes (n=26) and team (T) athletes (n=14). 55,0% of the athletes use nutritional supplements and the most commonly used nutritional supplements are branched chain amino acids (35,0%), whey protein (32,5%) and glutamine (20,0%), respectively. When the food consumption records of the athletes are examined, it was found that both groups of athletes were found to have inadequate energy (P:46,1±17,6 kcal/kg/day, T:41,7±11,1 kcal/kg/day; p>0,05). It was found that athletes consumed low amount of carbohydrate (P:5,5±1,7 g/kg/day, T:1,5±0,5 g/kg/day; p>0,05) and that P athletes consumed high protein while T athletes consumed at recommended levels (2,7±1,3 g/kg/day, 1,5±0,5 g/kg/day; p<0,05). While the difference between groups was significant for the percentages of energy from carbohydrates (P:42,7±8,2%, T:52,1±5,5%; p<0,05) and proteins (P:24,3±8,6%, T:14,6±2,4%; p<0,05), the percentages of energy from the lipids are within the recommended levels and there is no significant difference between the groups (P:33,0±11,5%, T:33,3±5,1%; p>0,05). Finally, it can be said that the liquid intake of athletes is at normal levels according to recommended values for adults.

Sports nutrition, Eating habits, Athlete health, Fluid consumption

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