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The Behaviour of Spare Time in Different Cultures - Romanies Sample
Romani people in Tekirdag well in Aydoğdu district which is the oldest settlement of the city. In this area, the usually live in shantyhouses. Males engage in trade and some of them sell fruits, vegetables, fish in bazaars, some are musicians. Women are usually housewives. They do house Works and some of them do clean someone else’s house for a living. This is a qualitative study which includes the Romani in Tekirdağ Süleymanpaşa County Aydoğdu District and the cultural identity term of Romani’s spare time activities. There are total 15 participants as 10 males and 5 females in the study Their demographic information was taken and then asked 10 questions with the Interviewing Method. In accordance with their answers, they cannot actually participate much to the spare time activities because of the financial impossibility and the plenitude of working hours. It appears that their only activity which is special for their cultures is weddings. If the Romani have regular jobs and higher education level, their contributions to the society will be big undoubtedly. In every branch of music, game and art, they make important progresses for humanity in national and global extent both through their recreative aspects and professional contributions

Culture, Multiculturalism, Leisure, Romani

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