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Diyarbakırlı Mâlî, Hayatı, Edebi Kişiliği ve Dîvânı

Author : Hasan AKGÜL    
Type :
Printing Year : 2015
Number : 11
Page : 747-756

Klasik Türk edebiyatı, genellikle saray çevresinde gelişen bir edebiyat olarak bilinmesine rağmen, bu alanda İstanbul dışında yetişen pek çok şairin de olduğu, yapılan çalışmalar neticesinde görülmüştür. Bu çalışmamızın konusu da İstanbul dışında yetişmiş bir şair olan "Mâlî’nin Hayatı, Edebi Kişiliği ve Divanı"dır. Gerçek adı Mehmed Çelebi olan Mâlî hakkında kaynaklarda sınırlı bilgiler yer almaktadır. Mâlî, 17. yüzyıl

Mâlî, Diyarbakır, Divan şiiri, 17. yüzyıl, Me’âli
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Classical Turkish Literature, although it is generally known as a growing literature around the palace, it has also been observed as a result of studies that there are several poets who have grown out of Istanbul in this area. The subject of this study is about ''Mâlî's Life, Literary Personality and the Divan'' ,who was one of those poets that grew up outside Istanbul. Limited information is available in resources about the poet Mâlî whose real name is Mehmed Çelebi. Mâlî, who was one of the17th-century poets, was born in Diyarbakir. The poet, whose date of birth is unknown, died in Diyarbakir, AH 1085 (1674). The poet has a Turkish Divan that has been managed to be detected up to now. There is only one known copy of Divan. The Divan is registered in the number 630 in Istanbul University Manuscripts Library.The Divan consists of 20 mesnevis , 9 odes, 109 ghazals, 1 composition of bend, 1 Muhammes, 15 Rubaies, 6 verses and 1 poem of history. In this study, we have tried to give information about his life with the information obtained from sources located in the poet's

Mali, Diyarbakir, 17th-century, Divan poetry, Me’ali

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